Our Puggy Tall Tales series features Perley who lives with her mummy and daddy, and has lots of magical adventures. In Book 1 Perley goes on an exciting escapade after a unicorn transforms her into a ‘pugicorn’. In Book 2 she discovers a whole new underwater world after a mermaid saves her and transforms her into a ‘merpug’. In Book 3 she comes across a dragon who is crying and they go on an adventure, making new friends along the way. In Book 4 a surprise visit from a reindeer on Christmas Eve changes the way she thinks about Christmas forever. In Book 5, after losing a tooth and placing it under her pillow at bedtime, Perley meets The Tooth Fairy and goes on a magical journey.



We also publish pug greeting cards and gifts featuring our adorable pugs that are perfect for pug-loving friends and family.