Puggy Tales


Pug loves nothing better than sleeping under the oak tree in the back garden. He is an inquisitive pup and is always learning and discovering new things. He lives with his human family and sleeps in a cosy dog basket in the kitchen.



Cat is much older than Pug and quite set in his ways. He hasn’t much patience for puppies and enjoys the quiet life. His favourite pastime is having a snooze on his mat in the garden when it’s warm and sunny outside.


Fred and Ted

The guinea pigs, Fred and Ted, are new arrivals to Pug’s family home. They love eating veggies and call out “Wheek! Wheek!” when they’re hungry or want attention. They jump up in the air (known as ‘popcorning’) when they are happy.


The Duckling

When the little lost duckling gets separated from her mum, dad and brothers and sisters, Pug helps her find her family. On their adventures together they meet lots of helpful creatures and become friends for life.


The Caterpillar

Caterpillar lives in the cabbage patch in the garden and teaches Pug all about the different insects that share the garden with them. When Caterpillar disappears one day, Pug makes a surprising discovery.


Hetty Hen

Hetty Hen wants to do more than just laying eggs. She loves adventure and wants to see the world. She and Pug leave the other hens and animals to see what lies beyond the farm in a journey that changes their lives.

Puggy Tall Tales


Perley the pug lives with her mummy and has her own wooden bed and bedroom with pink walls. She is a little adventurer and meets lots of magical creatures on her travels.


Mummy Dog

Perley’s mummy has rosy cheeks and likes to keep herself busy. She’s very house proud and not easily shocked, but even mummy dog is surprised by some of the strange things that happen from time to time.


Daddy Dog

Perley’s daddy loves Christmas. It’s his favourite time of the year. He works in a bank and loves spending time with his family.


The Unicorn

The little unicorn in ‘The Pug and the Unicorn’ visits Perley one night, which leads to lots of magical adventures. The unicorn can magically appear anywhere, and it leaves a trail of little starts wherever it goes.


The Mermaid

The friendly mermaid saves Perley when the pug falls into the sea, magically transforming Perley’s legs into a beautiful fishtail. She introduces Perley to her underwater friends who live with her in a beautiful coral reef.


The Dragon

The dragon longs for friendship but, whenever anyone sees him, they run and hide. Lonely and misunderstood, a chance encounter with Perley shows him that you can make friends when you least expect it. 


Rudy The Reindeer

Rudy The Reindeer surprises Perley with an unexpected visit on Christmas Eve. Together, they head off to save Christmas Day and go on a magical adventure that will change the way Perley thinks about Christmas forever.


The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy spends her nights collecting teeth from boys and girls and other creatures, which she swaps for coins. She puts them in her little blue bag and wears a crown on her head.

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